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About Us

I Will If You Will is all about helping the women and girls of Bury to get more active, more often and have fun while they do it. Funded by Sport England and delivered by Bury Council, this initiative is about women getting together and trying something new.

What is I Will If You Will?

I Will If You Will is all about helping the women and girls of Bury to get more active, more often and have fun while they do it. We have something to suit every age, ability and fitness level.

Who's behind it?

I Will If You Will is funded by Sport England and delivered by Bury Council, in partnership with local businesses, national governing bodies of sport (NGBs), community groups, social organisations and volunteer champions.

In September 2013, Bury was chosen by Sport England to pilot I Will If You Will to test what helps create a shift in attitude towards sport and physical activity, and what encourages more women and girls to be more active, more often.

What's the story so far?

Amazing things have happened across Bury since the start of I Will if You Will. Thousands of local women and girls are feeling the benefits of getting more active, more often. They’re shaking things up, having fun, and achieving things they never thought they could.

Since September 2013, more than 17,000 people have engaged with the IWIYW programme (90% of which are female).

Lessons learned from I Will If You Will have shaped Sport England’s Practical Guide to Helping Women and Girls Get Active and This Girl Can, a national campaign that tackles head on the barriers that are stopping millions of women from being more active.

Women and sport - why does it matter?

Participating in sport and physical activity has numerous benefits;

  • Sport and activity improves our health
  • Getting active is also good for our heads. Physical activity can reduce depression, anxiety psychological distress and emotional disturbance. It can also make us more confident and improve our body image.
  • Finally, many women have a big influence on their families. When they play sport, their families are more likely to play sport. Girls in particular can be more influenced by sporty mums than sporting heroes or big sporting events.

According to Sport England's Habit for Life report, at least 12 million women say they want to do more sport and physical activity, while six million say they are not currently involved but are interested in taking part.

So what's stopping us?

A whole number of things.

Most of us are busy women with packed lives. It can be difficult finding someone to look after the kids. Or perhaps our experience of school sport switched us off. We might be worried about feeling daft, or having nobody to go with the first time.

Our research shows there is a whole host of reasons why women don't play more sport or take part in more physical activity; and we know there's not one simple solution.

This is why I Will If You Will is testing lots of different activities and approaches, from new activities like Belrobics, to helping facilities provide childcare and instructors to run evening classes... we want to find out what does and doesn't make a difference and we want you to tell us.