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Meet The Team

The I Will If You Will team is passionate about helping the women and girls of Bury to get more active, more often.

Scroll down to find out who’s who in the team and what their favourite sports and activities are...

Tom Gleaves
Locality Officer (Bury West & Radcliffe)

I love swimming and I play water polo for Radcliffe. I also coach the Radcliffe Juniors Water Polo team and enjoy running and Metafit.

Simon Wesolowski
Training Development Officer

I enjoy taking part in events that give you motivation to push yourself. For the last four years I have taken part in the Great North Swim and in 2015 I took part in Total Warrior with my work colleagues. I am hoping to take part in more events like these as I enjoy a challenge!

Sean Gibson
Locality Officer (Whitefield & Prestwich)

I  have always enjoyed sport and have played cricket since a very young age. Sometimes it can be hard to find the time, but the key is to make time for yourself and make it part of your daily routine so it’s not a chore!

Sarah Tattersall
Behaviour Change Project Officer

When I was younger, sports and PE wasn’t my thing. Now I love going to classes like Spin and Bodypump, which comes in handy when I enter assault course challenges – bring on the mud!

Pritesh Patel
Operational Manager

I have always loved sports and play football and badminton each week with friends because its a great workout and really social. Over the next year I would like to do more jogging, which I don’t always look forward to doing, but I always feel great afterwards!

Nicola Lee
Partnerships & Contracts Manager

I have a busy full-time job but always find time to walk my dog before and after work, even if it’s just for half an hour. It helps clear my head and makes me feel much better!

Lucy Hodson
Locality Officer (Bury East & Ramsbottom, Tottington and North Manor)

I have a background in fitness instructing and am always keen to help others share the enthusiasm and motivation I have for a healthy lifestyle. As much as I like to stay active, I like my lazy days just as much – it’s all about moderation!

Lee Buggie
Relationship Manager (Health & Physical Activity)

When I was younger I played football professionally so sport has always been a big part of my life. Nowadays I enjoy going to the gym, doing resistance training and going running to keep fit!  

Julie Porter
Instructor Coordinator & Mentor

I’ve been a fitness instructor for as long as I can remember and I have a passion for every class I teach. My members are individuals, all with their own goals and I will always do my upmost to help them achieve it.

Jacqui Waite
Behaviour Change Project Officer

I have tried lots of different activities but running is my favourite. I run early in the morning before work and it wakes me up and refreshes me for the day, it’s also a great stress reliever!

Jackie Veal
Operational Lead

When I was younger I played hockey and loved the team spirit. I love being outdoors by running, walking and cycling with my border collie Bobby, who keeps me active everyday!

Fiona Hayward
Strategic Lead

I really enjoy going to studio classes at Castle Leisure Centre and try to make time to squeeze them into my lunch break when I’m at work. My favourite class is BodyStep because I enjoy the music and catching up with friends after the session.

Carly Heselwood
Relationship Manager (Sport)

I have always played team sports, including football and touch rugby and I have a passion for outdoor activities. As a mum, I think ‘me time’ is very important so I make time for myself every Wednesday evening to go mountain biking with a group of likeminded ladies.

Cameron Stringer
Health Referral Officer

When I was at university, I played for the women’s football team and really enjoyed the social side. I now enjoy weightlifting, cycling and Crossfit. I enjoy a challenge and I am looking to improve my swimming ability with the aim of one day doing a sprint triathlon.