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Faye’s story: “I’m determined to get my body back”

Published On: 1st August 2016

At the end of March 2016, 33-year-old Faye Welsh from Whitefield became a mum for the second time, delivering her second son by caesarean-section.

Faye Welsh before and after

It’s safe to say that pregnancy hasn’t been an easy ride, but thanks to the support from her local slimming group and the motivation to get active again, Faye feels like she’s on her way to getting her pre-baby body back now.

“I was really fit and healthy when I became pregnant with my first son,” says Faye. “I’d been training so hard, with friends and a personal trainer, to help me look my best for my wedding in the Caribbean.”

“But as soon as I became pregnant, I had seven weeks of grumbling appendix and was put on bed rest. It didn’t end there as I went on to suffer with sciatica and high blood pressure, along with pelvic girdle pain too.”

This made the simplest of exercises a no go for Faye during pregnancy, and due to having such high levels of fitness beforehand, this was a tough realisation for her.

“I was so miserable with my weight gain – I put on five stones during this time,” explains Faye. “I went on to have a bad birth experience and numerous operations for two years afterwards – each operation was another setback due to the recovery time that was needed afterwards.”

“After my caesarean with my second son, I honestly never thought I would feel normal again, plus I was told not to exercise for between eight and 12 weeks afterwards,” says Faye. “I decided to join a local Slimming World group with a friend to try and get my weight under control and I was so glad to see the numbers on the scales decreasing slowly.”

Once she felt she’d recovered and became more confident to start getting active again, Faye decided to make the most of her son’s pram.

“I started walking more with the pram to help my body gain strength and I encouraged my other Slimming World friends to join me,” she explains. “So we began walking to the supermarket or park instead of taking the car – everything seems easier when you do it together!”

With two young children – her first son turns three this year – Faye often sees her spare time taken up by being a mum.

“I have no time alone or the funds to pay for an exercise class,” Faye explains. “But I don’t let that stop me – it spurs me on instead! To ramp up my fitness levels, I’ve been following exercise classes on YouTube and doing my own weights routine at home.”

Having endured two tricky pregnancies and come out the other side, Faye now feels like this is her time to get back to how she looked and felt before becoming a mum.

She says: “I’m determined to get my body back in the next year and I feel like I’m within reach thanks to the help, support and encouragement of the friends I’ve made at Slimming World.

“I’m now one stone lighter and feeling positive, safe in the knowledge that we can do this together.”

Faye attends the Slimming World group at St Michael’s RC Church in Whitefield, every Tuesday at 10am.