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I’ll Run If You Run: Rachael and Sara’s story

Published On: 9th August 2016

I decided to start running because I wanted to lose some weight and I’d rather earn a piece of cake by going for a run than not have a piece of cake! - Rachael


(l-r) Sara and Rachael share their Bury 10k story

Rachael: I’d also signed up to do the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge so I wanted to try and get fitter, as I didn’t want to be the one lagging at the back holding the team up.

Sara: For me, realising that I still hadn't got back to my pre baby size/fitness 18 months later, I decided it was time to stop complaining and do something about it!

With my husband and friends on Slimming World and also wanting to get in shape I had no excuse – not only was I doing it for me, I now had motivation from them and I could be even more of a support with their journeys.

Our support network

Rachael: I have three or four friends who, like Sara, are all trying to improve on fitness so we’ve created a Bury 10k Whatsapp group where we share information about our runs and when we’ve been to the gym. 

We share pictures of our tracked runs and times to encourage each other to keep going, as well as sharing pictures of our meals and swapping recipes. 

Due to our hectic work, family and personal schedules, it’s difficult sometimes to meet up for a chat and a glass of wine let alone a run, so this is a good way of staying in touch and helping each other prepare for the Bury 10k.

Sara: Our Whatsapp group is perfect! The recipe swapping is a big support for us all when we want to reach for the nearest takeaway menu.

We also follow each other on Map My Run and Strava – these apps are great as they track your route so you can't just quit as it logs it and tells everyone about your run! We also love the bounts app to earn rewards and treat ourselves for our hard work.

Our experiences of 10k

Rachael: I completed the Manchester 10k a long time ago so the memories of before the run are distant, but I think I was probably excited, happy and enjoying the atmosphere.

During – I think I thought I might have been dying and that taking part was the worst idea I’d ever had.

Afterwards – absolutely shattered and I vowed I would never run a 10k again, it just hurt too much! I think I was also disappointed that it had taken me over an hour. Remind me why I’m doing this again?!

Sara: I took on the Race For Life 10k at Heaton Park six years ago and the worst thing I did was not training properly. I’d always been able to just get back into running before and thought I would be fine!

After the first 2k, I was stop-start and struggling to pace myself and get my breathing right, so when I finally reached the end my legs gave up on me, I was very proud I’d made it!


Why the Bury 10k?

Rachael: We’ve spurred each other on really... we’re in this together now!  

My husband also told me he was doing it – he’s always telling me how much fitter than me he is so I saw it as a bit of a challenge. I knew it was unlikely that he would train for it whereas I knew I would, so I figured I would be able to do it in a quicker time than him if I practiced hard enough. Turns out he still hasn’t signed up!

Sara: For me, after gradually getting back into running, the Bury 10k is the perfect opportunity for me to set a goal, and with my friends also taking part, this was even more motivation for us to take part together.

How running makes us feel

Rachael: Admittedly, not brilliant! I don’t look forward to it and I don’t enjoy it, however, I do feel quite smug when I manage to run a little further or a little quicker each time.

I've started going to Great Run Local at Burrs Country Park whenever I can and that's been a big support as I can track my time and see my progress.

I also feel happy when I step on the scales each week and a bit more weight has come off.

Sara: Running makes me feel happy and motivated, especially when I get a new personal best! I also find it a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work or with my toddler.

Fundraising for good causes

Sara: The Bury 10k is a great opportunity to raise money for charity and I will be fundraising for C.A.L.M., a registered charity which helps to prevent male suicide in the UK while providing support and research.

We have recently lost a very close friend and colleague so this one’s for him.

Rachael: I’m not fundraising at the Bury 10k, only because I raised money for The Christie when I completed the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge in July and I didn’t want to ask people for sponsorship twice in such a short space of time!


Favourite song to run to:

Rachael: Rather Be by Jess Glynne or Mr Brightside by The Killers

Sara: Just A Little More Love by David Guetta

Favourite post-run treat:

Rachael: Water with ice and lemon – sounds dull but it’s probably the only time I drink water and enjoy it

Sara: Sweet and salty popcorn

Favourite place to run:

Rachael: I don’t have a favourite place, just anywhere that isn’t too hilly

Sara: At the gym

One thing you won’t go running without:

Rachael: Clothes – I’m pretty sure there isn’t anything else that is completely necessary

Sara: A bottle of water

Favourite motivational quote:

Rachael: “If you’re going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill

Sara: Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

Any last words before the Bury 10k?

Rachael: See you at the finish line!

Sara: There better be a glass at wine at the end for me!