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I’ll Run If You Run: Sara’s story

Published On: 16th August 2016

I’ve been running on and off for around six years now – I tend to avoid it in the winter months when it's dark and cold – but I knew I was ready to sign myself up for a challenge this year... the Bury 10k.

Sara and Lee 001

My partner Lee has always been a keen runner and watching him made me think it would be good to challenge myself!

Run Mummy Run!

We’ve both signed up for the Bury 10k, but as we have our 21-month-old daughter Charlotte, we usually have to go on training runs separately.

Lee does running most mornings before work and I try and go twice a week while Charlotte’s at childcare, but we always try and go as a family at the weekend with Charlotte in the pram – she loves going fast and thinks it's a game.

It’s nice to get out in the fresh air as a family and we tend to finish our weekend runs at the park so Charlotte can go on the swings while I get my breath back!

I know I need to keep on training for the 10k, but I also have to be flexible and get out there when I get chance. Running is a nice way to unwind as it can get stressful looking after a toddler and running a home.

Sara and Lee 003

My motivation

I was always good at PE in school and enjoyed being sporty but I’d never push myself to do anything over and above our set classes.

That’s the difference between Lee and I – he can run much faster than me but this only encourages me to push myself to keep up. If anything, it’s been like having my own personal trainer.

Having the Bury 10k in mind motivates me to keep running – I’ve signed up and now I’ve set my mind on conquering it. Sometimes I don't feel like going for a run or think I’m too busy, but when there's a goal to aim for which is outside my comfort zone, I know I have to keep the running up to achieve it.

How running makes me feel

Running makes me feel proud of myself and energised. There’s no denying it’s tiring being a mum, but I find being keeping active actually helps me feel less tired.

I’m not running to try and lose weight, I’m just doing it to see how far I can push myself, but the added bonus is running allows me to eat what I want guilt free!

quick fire sara