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Winter Motivation: Kylie’s story

Published On: 19th December 2016

When autumn begins and the temptation to hibernate kicks in, it’s an extra challenge to stay active. I think this is amplified by the fact I am a wheelchair user and the weather seems to make going out extra difficult when it is wet and cold. But I don't like to let this stop me.


My motivation comes from several places which keeps my active lifestyle a focus, even when I want to stay in bed.

Firstly, I don't face the challenge alone. I think it’s easy to give up when you are trying to stay active by yourself, but with the support of my partner I find staying active so much easier.

Along with his encouragement I use apps and social media to stay connected with likeminded people where we share workouts, meal ideas and our progress. I have also learnt to not be in denial or refuse myself temptations. By allowing myself foods I like (in moderation) I find I want unhealthy foods less.

Secondly, I have a responsibility that enforces me to stay active – a dog called Huckleberry! It keeps me motivated to get up and out in the mornings, and has supported me to be more social and going for longer walks.


I then use the difficulties of the weather to challenge myself when walking the dog. Instead of struggling when it's cold I go a more challenging way, which warms me up.

Lastly, I set realistic challenges and goals for myself, whether they are daily, weekly or monthly. And I never focus my goals on weight loss although it is one of the key focuses of my keeping active.

I use the seated cycle and walking in the pool to complete mileage challenges. I have apps on my phone that give progressive challenges for toning exercise like squats. And when I complete my challenges I reward myself with activities or treats that I don't have often.

My main focus and reasons for staying motivated in the autumn and winter is the purpose of my fitness journey – I am doing it to stay healthy, lose weight, tone up and improve my mobility.


Taking time off when things seem difficult only makes it more difficult for myself in the long run. I have found by staying active every day even if I am only doing half an hour in the gym makes it easier to go. And having reminders and social media on my phone makes it harder to avoid.

I don't allow myself excuses or reasons for not doing things, it is only myself I am making things difficult for and each sore muscle and workout now is a smile in the long run.