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Winter Motivation: Lilly’s story

Published On: 6th December 2016

My name is Lilly, I'm nine years old and I love being active outside as often as I can… mum says I've got ants in my pants!


Keeping active outside is so much easier in summer when the weather is warm and dry and I normally play football and train every week on grass during the summer.

Now it's autumn I train on astroturf at Parrenthorn High School in Prestwich. Sometimes it's really cold, windy and raining, but this doesn’t bother me as once I'm running round the pitch I don't even notice the bad weather (unlike my dad who is stood on the sideline watching me!)

Every Saturday I play football for my team against other girl teams. I look forward to this all week as I love football. I always try my best and have been player of the match a few times this season which makes me try even harder to play well. I love it when my team wins and we all know that we've done a good job and enjoyed ourselves at the same time.

I also love trampolining which I’ve been doing for the past year – I do this once a week after school at Castle Leisure Centre and I'm working my way through the award badges.


I really struggled to do a forward roll for one of my badges but then mum got me a trampoline for our garden. All summer I have been practicing at home and as soon as I get home from school I go straight onto the trampoline – my younger brother also jumps with me in the garden and he copies my moves.

Now it's getting cold and dark after school mum says I can't go on my trampoline, but at least I've got my lessons to look forward to! I’m now doing badge 10 in trampolining and can now do a forward somersault, so all my hard work has paid off!

I also love to swim with my brother. It's harder to motivate myself to go swimming when it's cold and raining in winter, but once I'm in the water and nice and warm it doesn't matter and I love splashing about. Mum always promises me a hot chocolate after my swim!

I'll be glad when it's summer again but I'll still continue with my sports over the winter as I hate sitting still! Knowing that I've got my activities after school makes it easier for me to get up out of my nice warm bed in the mornings when it's cold and dark outside.

I've also got my eye on some new activities to try over winter, especially the Family Martial Arts… just need to ask mum!