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Winter Motivation: Samantha’s story

Published On: 12th December 2016

I’ll be honest, the gym bores me to death and I prefer classes where I am instructed and motivated to do something. So to keep me motivated and give me something to look forward to, I decided to try something new on Monday evenings.


The first class I tried was Boogie Bounce at Ainsworth Methodist Church Hall. It's a 45-minute class so I thought it couldn't hurt!

I made sure to book in advance as there’s a limited number of trampolines and when I got there it was a good job I did as the class was packed out with ladies!

Everybody gets their own little trampoline with handrail and they are set out across the hall overlooked by the instructor's trampoline on stage.

The workout began with a well-known upbeat, dance type song where we all simply copy the movements of the instructor. The movements are simple and easy to coordinate, you just don't realise how much more challenging it is to do these movements whilst bouncing at the same time.

After the first 5 minutes my calves already felt like they were getting a good workout! The dance movements involved arms, squats, leg raises, split leaps (as far as you can split your own legs!) jogging and lots of bouncing. It's a non-stop, quick workout that's fun and I would recommend it to anyone. My whole body was aching the next day so it definitely did some good!


Next up was Pound at Holcombe Brook Sports Club.

Before writing this blog, I knew Pound was something I really wanted to try. Being a musician and having knowledge of playing drums, I was intrigued as to how an exercise class could be made from playing the drums. If you fancy trying this class in particular, make sure you contact Tanya the instructor to book your space (and your Ripstix!) and also help out with directions.

Once I arrived, Tanya was very welcoming and the room was set out with simple exercise mats and the Ripstix. Because it was my first time, I was given instructions prior to each song to give me a heads up on the routine, which was also directed at the whole class to give options of different levels for those wanting to push themselves further.

I was expecting to be sat down for the whole class – like a drummer does – but it turned out we started standing up with various squats and bends to stretch ourselves whilst drumming the floor or the mat.

The routines consisted of a mixture of squats, lunges, leg raises, sit-ups and bridges, all whilst constantly pounding your Ripstix on the floor or crossing them in the air.

My favourite parts were the routines to Paramore and Rage Against The Machine – I really felt like I was rocking out and enjoying the music as well as exercising! This workout really challenged my arms, legs, bum and lower back and it was so much fun – it’s one I will definitely be returning to again.

Choosing something on a Monday evening means you’ve squeezed your workout into the beginning of the week and it also helps give you a boost for the week ahead.

Trying something new each week means you’ve got something to look forward to and it keeps things fresh – you’ll never get bored!