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Winter Motivation: Suzanne’s story

Published On: 27th December 2016

Along with my friend Michelle, we keep each other motivated during the colder months. We both go to the same gym, so we’ve devised a routine.

Each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning before work, we meet up for either swimming, spinning or a Zumba class. These are all fast activities which get the endorphins flowing – perfect to help lift the blue mood we often suffer in winter. We can't cancel, as we have both paid in advance and made an agreement with each other.

The classes and swimming really help us spur each other on and we can monitor each other's progress and push each other. We also have a laugh, which is much needed and a good old catch up. We both don't see the gym as an effort any more, we look forward to the buzz of feeling motivated!


We also motivate each other with our diets. Michelle makes the tasty homemade soup for our lunch – we have vegetable, chicken or tomato which is always chunky and full of goodness. I make the quinoa bread to go with it, which is full of seeds. This winter warmer gives us the much needed vitamins and minerals we need in winter, plus we also snack on homemade Blueberry and Strawberry oat cakes, again made with goodness.

We both feel great and this routine we adapt in the winter helps us both to feel motivated – without each other we would be extremely un-motivated!

I would definitely recommend doing exercise classes you enjoy and with a friend. It took us both a while of attending classes we didn't like to find the right ones for us, and we really enjoy these now.

It's also great when you can see an improvement in your own health and the way you feel. I don't suffer from winter blues anymore, I just look forward to the next early and fresh morning start.

It really does change your mood!