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Clubbercise… a beginner’s perspective

Published On: 23rd January 2017

After recruiting a friend to come along and try this new-fangled class (after all, I Will If You Will!) we eventually got round to committing to a date and time once Christmas and New Year was out of the way.

We turned up and were greeted by a wave of neon colour in the form of our instructor, Natalie, who welcomed us to her class, explained how it all worked and got us signed up.

Then… we got our glowsticks!

We paid a little extra on our first visit to cover these reusable, glittery glowsticks which come with a little button on the handle to change the sequence of flashing and colours – amazing!

Then we were onto the dancefloor – it was at St Anne’s Church Hall in Tottington which is a good space that was packed out that night (including some fellow Clubbercise newbies who, like us, were in the middle of a New Year health kick).

Glowsticks on, room lights off and disco/UV lights on… we were ready to go!

We went through loads of 90s and 00s club classics (as we expected from the Clubbercise advert and these videos) but also some newer tunes from the likes of Little Mix which kept things fresh.

My personal favourite was The Only Way Is Up by Yazz and once the whole room was in sequence with Natalie, it looked like we could’ve been in Ibiza for a late summer rave, rather than a dark and cold January evening in Tottington!

All in all, this is what an exercise class should be – a good laugh with your friends (coupled with cries of ‘I love this song!’ and ‘I’ve not heard this for years!’) which means you don’t notice you’re working out.

There’s always modified options if you want to take things easy or you want to push yourself, so don’t feel like this is only for the professional ravers – we were complete newbies and we slotted in like we’d been there for ages.

If you want to relive your youth spent in Sol Viva (yikes!) then this is definitely the class for you. You’ll discover that dancing and having a good time equals a decent workout, which can only be a good thing.

Clubbercise with Natalie takes place at St Anne’s Church Hall in Tottington every Tuesday at 6.45pm. The class costs £6.50 on your first visit (to include your glowsticks) and then £5 thereafter.

UPDATE: This class will move to Tottington High School from Tuesday 7th February (same time).

To find out more or to save your space on the dancefloor, contact Natalie on 07743 857053 or visit her Facebook page to find out more about her upcoming classes.

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