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Winter Motivation: Janet’s story

Published On: 4th January 2017

If I ever feel like I need some motivation to get moving over the winter months, I look to Liam, my son.


My story begins way back in 1990 when I gave birth to Liam, my first son – little did I know that day, he would change my life forever.

After a 24-hour delivery, he came into the world all back to front and spent seven days in special care. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy making him a right hemiplegic – in other words, the right side of his body is disabled.

To me, he looked the same as any other child joining the world that day so I decided he would be treated like any other child.

I’ve never held Liam back from trying anything and as a result, he never lets anything stop him from doing what he wants.

He couldn't walk until he was 18 months old, even thought the hospital said he'd never be able to, and he was riding a bike by the age of three, all with one hand/arm and leg virtually immobile.


He’s gone from strength to strength over the years, so now for me, it’s more a case of if he can, I can.

Liam is an inspiration to anyone and my soul mate. He never lets anything get to him. We're out on our mountain bikes most weekends if I'm not doing a run and we go for miles, rain or shine.

He bought himself a full-faced helmet to protect his head as he also has two types of epilepsy – he’ll be taking daily medication for life to aid this – so the head needs looking after. But despite all this, he always says: “Mum, are you coming on a bike ride? It's only a bit of rain! It's only a bit mud!”

Even though he will never get better due to his brain damage, he never ever quits – he will try anything. We also go swimming together even though he’s limited to using one side of his body.

So if anyone out there is thinking they can't run, can’t cycle, can't swim – think again. Anyone can.

If you struggle to motivate yourself, use Liam’s story as a motivator. Age is just a number and disability is overcome in many ways if you’re determined and put your mind to it.

Keep going guys, rain or shine!