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Blog Posts

Beverley’s story: “Boogie Bounce has changed my life!”
24th October 2016

34-year-old Beverley from Whitefield had always been very active until she noticed a severe pain while out running four years ago. “Exercise had always been part of my everyday routine,” explains Beverley. “Then suddenly, I was on one of my usual runs back in 2012 and began to experience a severe type of pain I’d […]

Jamie’s story: “Zumba has helped me get my confidence back and given me an escape from stress”
10th October 2016

27-year-old Jamie Osman from Tottington has struggled with her confidence all her life – being bullied at school and feeling like an outsider when she got to college left her feeling like she didn’t fit in. “Up until 2013, I didn’t do much exercise and just seemed to be plodding through life,” she explains. “I […]

Amanda’s story: “IWIYW was the nudge I needed to start exercising”
26th September 2016

December 2015 was a busy time for Amanda Chapman, 24, as she gave birth to her daughter Isabelle and as with many pregnancies, she gained a few extra (unwanted) pounds. Becoming a mum was only the beginning of an emotional journey to fitness for Amanda as she explains: “I think my daughter Isabelle must have […]

Alex’s story: “Being a mum does not mean that you have to stop looking after yourself”
12th September 2016

Alex Balmer from Bury had always been a gym-goer but never really pushed herself as she didn’t know how to. Becoming a mum in 2013 meant Alex needed to fit exercise around her new baby, and six months after giving birth, she tried an I Will If You Will (IWIYW) Baby Buggy Bootcamp and loved […]

Karen’s story: “I can definitely say I’m fitter and healthier than I can ever remember”
29th August 2016

At school, Karen Murray hated PE – despite enjoying hockey and netball, she felt she was always picked last for teams. This knocked her confidence when it came to taking part in any sport activity. Thankfully, today is a different story. Karen joined Weight Watchers in June 2013, on a mission to change her lifestyle. […]

I’ll Run If You Run: Nicola and Ann’s story
24th August 2016

Every year, me and mum watch the Great Manchester Run and every year my mum says “I’d like to do that one day” We’ve kept saying that we’ll do a 10k together but we never have… until now! Our journey to the Bury 10k Mum joined the gym earlier this year to get herself fitter, […]